"Go all out to fight together" Kesai science and technology spring team development activity ended


Spring thunder rolling, all things out of the ground; drizzle, nourish all things. In this vibrant spring, Kesai technology has launched a group construction expansion tour full of positive energy in the Xu family compound.


The expansion activities include rich activities: ice breaking, natural, tangram, inspiring, leader style, graduation wall, etc. Not only let the staff exercise, enhance the friendship, show the vitality of youth, but also reflect the spirit of unity and struggle, healthy and upward.


"There is no perfect individual, only a perfect team". This activity will encourage us to pay more attention to the strength of the team, cherish the honor of the team and the friendship between colleagues. In the activity, we have laughter, tears, setbacks and progress. We all blend together and realize that the team is an inseparable whole. No matter what setbacks we encounter, we can't let go. If there is a team, it will help. Any one in the team is related to the success or failure of the whole team. After the expansion, we had an unforgettable special birthday party for the "birthday star" colleagues in the first quarter.

Enterprise is the tree, culture is the root, deep roots can flourish, through the group building activities, improve the team centripetal force and cohesion, and further stimulate everyone's enthusiasm to achieve new achievements and contribute new forces in their respective jobs.