Coxsat successfully developed 5G millimeter wave phased array antenna components


Congratulations to Coxsat for passing the index test of 5G millimeter-wave(MMW) phased array antenna system components!

Testing indexes:

bandwidth (after test) is

At 800MHz signal bandwidth device is fully loaded, with 64QAM Modem EVM meets 5% requirement, EIRP is 52dBm and other RF indexes meet the 3GPP TS 38.104 standard.

It’s generally known that 5G will power a thousand trades. To meet growing business demand ,5G networks must be built. According to data, more than 70% of 5G business will take place indoors in the future, which shows the importance of indoor mobile network coverage. And the quality of indoor signals will directly determine the business volume in the 5G era, and it will also become one of the core competitiveness of operators. As a 5G   micro base station for indoor signal coverage, it has become the first choice to solve the coverage problem.

Because of spectrum, operators’ demand for 5G micro base station is several times higher than in the 4G era. Wei Leping, a well-known telecom expert, pointed out that in the era of 5G, micro base stations will usher in great opportunities. The number of 5G micro base stations is expected to be tens of millions of magnitude in the Chinese market and they worth hundreds of billions. Application scenarios mainly include outdoor blinding, indoor deep coverage and hot spot capacity. At present Coxsat has completed the test of phased array antenna system components, which is the core of micro base station.

It takes a good blacksmith to make good steel. Since the launch of 5G strategic project in 2017, Coxsat has continuously invested in many R&D personnel, including doctors and industry experts, and purchased expensive test instruments (including: MMW vector network analyzer, MMW signal source, MMW spectrum analyzer, etc.) to build a sound research and development environment. To keep up with the pace of 5G commercialization Coxsat has made an engineering prototype , which passed the test and achieved design target in the spring of 2020.

Compared with 4G micro base station, 5G MMW micro base station not only has the advantages of small size, high bandwidth and low delay, but also is an iteration of mobile technology and a substantial change.

2G base station

3G base station

4G base station

5G base station

The core components of 5G millimeter-wave small station carefully built by Coxsat, as a new generation of communication terminals, provide users with high-quality and reliable communication services at any time and in any place. In addition to basic mobile communication, it also provides the following communication services:

Coxsat is proud to be the supplier of 5G MMW equipment. Adhering to the concept of "difference achieves excellence", it constantly improves product quality and services while providing customers with more cost-effective products. Welcome new and old customers to Coxsat!

New place , new atmosphere, Coxsat will greet the new glory with a new image!